Campbell's Double Bacon Corn Dogs

Category: Concession Trailer

Client: Campbell’s Concessions

1954 was a big year for the concessions business! In the same year that Waymatic opened it’s doors, Melvin P. Little began Little Concessions which evolved into what is today known as Campbell’s Concessions. This was also the year Melvin transformed the fair business by introducing the most sought after product today, known as “The Corn Dog!”

Customers first began to take notice when employees would get their attention by barking, “Get your Educated Corn Dog! Rides a stick, swims in grease, and wears and overcoat! You bite it, it won’t bite you!

When competition from the growing industry climbed, Campbell’s concessions turned to Waymatic to attract attention to their famous Corn Dogs. They needed a trailer that would grab attention from all the others on the Midway while speeding up their workflow on the inside.

The partnership seems to have worked! The Double Bacon Corn Dog found widespread success and Campbell’s Concessions has been featured on such TV shows as “The Martha Stewart Show”, “The View”, and various Travel Channel specials.

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