Zdebiak's Pizza Casa

Category: Concession Trailer

Client: Zdebiak's Concessions

In 1959 a young, sixteen year old Meester Mike first passed through the Princes’ Gates at the Canadian National Exhibition. As a young man, Mike Zdebiak honed his skills under the Outdoor Amusement Business legend, Bert Murray and soon found himself managing and operating Conklin Shows’ entire food operation.

By 1980, Meester Mike ventured out on his own, purchasing his first food trailers, the FRY PALACE and the renowned PIZZA CASA.

Mike knew that he was in the concession business to stay and sought a partnership with another company that would be in for the long haul with him. In 1989 Mr. Mike turned to Waymatic to build his trailers and has been returning with his new generation of concessionaire, Mike, Jr. who is carrying on the tradition of quality food and friendly customer service.

Thank you to the Zdebiaks for coming to Waymatic time & again and letting us build beautiful, long-lasting trailers like the brand new version of PIZZA CASA seen above.

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